I'm Diana, a fine art photographer from Central Florida. Eye Shutter to Think started out of a love of bold color and a passion for experiencing life in every hue. Whether you’re choosing one unique print to pull together a room, or looking to transform your entire living space, my prints will help you create an artistic balance that is all your own.

I love photographs that span the color wheel, from muted colors to strong, vivid statement pieces. I continually update this site with new photographs to keep it fresh and exciting and believe you will find several pieces that will speak to you and your decor needs.

Eye Shutter to Think specializes in automotive prints of classic cars. I have sold to car dealerships, body shops and repair shops all over the US. I also have a large gallery of carnival photographs that appeal to those nostalgic for fun childhood memories.These look beautiful in baby nurseries, children's rooms, schools, pediatric offices and daycares.

My work has been featured in Florida Sun Magazine, AAA Travel Products (print & digital), CNN Travel, League of Women Voters promotion products & social media, The National Arts Program, Zenfolio advertising brochures, Literacyhead, Florida News Channel 13 website and on many other travel sites, brochures and social media advertisements.

Contact me today for wholesale or custom orders. I aim to please and ship fast!

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